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Autel Evo Max Series Payload Drop System - iRed Limited
DJI TB30 Intelligent Flight Battery - iRed Limited
Hoodman Drone Launch/Landing Pad (5 Feet) - iRed Limited
Hoodman Drone Launch/Landing Pad (3 Feet) - iRed Limited
DJI Dock 2
Sale priceFrom £8,505.00
Stargazer Tactical - iRed Limited
Stargazer Tactical
Sale price£699.00
BarrelEye multi spectrum tent - iRed Limited
BarrelEye multi spectrum tent
Sale price£999.00
StarGazer - iRed Limited
Sale price£999.00
Autel Multi-charger For EVO Max Series - iRed Limited
Elistair Safe-T 2 Tether Station - iRed Limited
Elistair Safe-T 2 Tether Station
Sale price£30,000.00
Aerieport - Drone Nesting/Docking Station - iRed Limited
DJI Dock - iRed Limited
DJI Dock
Sale price£50,000.00
Autel EVO Nest - iRed Limited
Autel EVO Nest
Sale price£50,000.00
Autel Live Deck 2 - iRed Limited
Autel Live Deck 2
Sale price£525.00
Autel Loudspeaker (Orange) - iRed Limited
Autel Loudspeaker (Orange)
Sale price£75.00
DJI RS 3 Mini - Handheld Imaging Device - iRed Limited
DJI Inspire 3 High Altitude Propellers (Pair) - iRed Limited
DJI RS 3 - Handheld Imaging Device - iRed Limited
EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro - Portable Power Station - iRed Limited
DJI Goggles 2 - iRed Limited
DJI Goggles 2
Sale price£605.00

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To boost the efficiency of your drone operations, you can have additional accessories like extra batteries, durable propellers, drone landing pads, docking stations, portable power stations, range extenders, memory cards, a good-quality carrying case, flashlights, loud speakers and many more.

It depends on the accessory. Some accessories can be used for various drone models, whereas some are designed for specific drone models.

Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. Typically, a gentle wipe with a microfiber cloth and storing in a cool, dry place are advised.

It's highly recommended to use batteries from the same brand as your drone. Compatible third-party options can be considered, but always check for compatibility and safety features.

Invest in a quality carrying case or backpack designed for your drone model. Ensure all accessories are securely packed to prevent damage.


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