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A2 CofC Course (E-learning)

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The most suitable recreational drone course in the UK, the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC), is for beginner pilots who want to fly further. The goal of this certification course is to get pilots operating in the UK legally and safely.

Pilots are prohibited from operating within 150 metres of residential, commercial, industrial, or recreational sectors without the A2 CofC, the CAA-approved certificate, which also opens up a lot of new flying zones.

Once you hold an A2 CofC you will be able to fly drones weighing 500g to 2kg in areas used for recreational, industrial, residential and commercial purposes. You must always maintain unaided visual line of sight with the drone and you must stay at least 50 metres away from uninvolved people and you cannot overfly uninvolved people.

A2 CofC certification is ideal for small and recreational aircraft as it will allow you to:

  • Fly drones between 250g-2kg
  • Fly no closer than 50m from people
  • Fly no closer than 50m from buildings
  • Fly in recreational areas
  • Fly in congested areas

    Is the A2 CofC Necessary?

    To put it simply, without an A2 CofC new pilots will not be able to fly their drone in most places within the UK. This qualification enables new pilots to legally fly their drone closer to people and buildings – both recreationally and commercially.

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