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Location:Emsworth - Hampshire
Date:28th - 29th October

The "Practical Fixed Wing Drone Operations with Theory Component" course is meticulously structured to impart participants with a thorough understanding and practical expertise in operating fixed-wing drones across various applications. This comprehensive program balances the development of practical skills with a solid theoretical foundation, ensuring participants are adept at safely and effectively utilising fixed-wing drones.

Key objectives of the course include acquainting participants with the fundamentals of fixed-wing drone flight and aerodynamics, hands-on training in drone operation encompassing pre-flight checks, take-off, flight manoeuvres, and landing, and an in-depth exploration of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing fixed-wing drone operations. Additionally, the course aims to empower participants to plan and execute drone missions for diverse purposes such as aerial mapping, surveying, and surveillance, while instilling best practices in drone maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety protocols. 

The course is divided into theory and practical sessions. The theory component covers Principles of Flight, Fixed-Wing Drone Technology, Regulations and Legal Compliance, Flight Planning and Mission Preparation, Safety Procedures, and Data Management and Analysis. The practical sessions include Basic Flight Training, Advanced Flight Techniques, Mission Simulation, Flight Operations, and Maintenance and Troubleshooting.

The 2 day course is designed for drone enthusiasts, professionals in fields like agriculture, engineering, environmental science, and public safety, and individuals aspiring to a career in drone operations or aerial surveying. Prerequisites include a basic understanding of aviation principles and terminology, familiarity with drone technology (preferred but not required), and adequate physical fitness for drone piloting. Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate, endorsing their proficiency in both practical fixed-wing drone operations and theoretical knowledge.

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