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The Aerieport: A Drone Nesting Station

Volatus Aerospace, which is one of the world’s leading brands operating in the drone industry, after investing extensive efforts in understanding the end users' actual needs and associated challenges, came up with an advanced solution and developed the Aerieport nesting station. Now available on iRed store, the Aerieport is a breakthrough addition to the field of nesting station technology, as it was built after rigorous market research conducted by the Volatus engineering team to uncover the untapped potential.

Designed for extreme weather conditions with safety-first approach:

While developing the Aerieport, Volatus engineering team realised that all other existing drone nesting solutions primarily focus on recharging, battery swapping, and data uploading while overlooking the demands of challenging operational environments and regulatory standards. Additionally, several crucial features are missing, notably the absence of robust detect-and-avoid capabilities, limitations in functioning under extreme weather conditions, and deficiencies in redundant safety systems.

To bridge the gaps inherent in other nesting stations, Volatus engineering team adopted a meticulous safety-first approach, guaranteeing compliance with stringent global regulatory standards. This endeavor encompassed integrating a ground-based detect-and-avoid system, incorporating a micro weather station for precise operational assessment, integrating four LTE SIM slots and SATCOM capabilities, and implementing numerous redundant systems. Moreover, the Aerieport is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to 55 degrees Celsius (-22 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit) and functions self-sufficiently through solar or wind energy, rendering it fit for operation in some of the world's most remote and challenging environments.

The Aerieport: Drone nesting station by Volatus Aerospace

Making BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations a reality:

Numerous drone applications rely on the ability to operate beyond visual line of sight. The Aerieport system is designed to tackle a multitude of tasks, from inspecting pipelines and railways to enhancing mining security and creating detailed maps. Whether the goal is data collection or generating 3D models and ortho-mosaics, the Aerieport provides an unwavering support for applications requiring BVLOS capabilities. This versatility of the Aerieport is enabled by its platform-agnostic and scalable design. Irrespective of the drone's size or payload, if a drone can collect data, the Aerieport can collaborate seamlessly to execute the mission.

Beyond facilitating BVLOS operations, the Aerieport offers a fundamental advantage: repeatability. It allows the data to be collected remotely at different intervals—daily, hourly, or weekly—fundamentally altering how businesses and organizations gather and utilize data.

The data transmitted from these nesting stations can be monitored over time. This allows inspectors to not only address immediate concerns but also formulate maintenance schedules for forthcoming years based on component conditions. With each flight, more data is accumulated, contributing to an understanding of how components and structures degrade over time due to location and weather conditions. Rather than systematically examining each pole, section of pipeline, or rail junction within a multi-year cycle, maintenance workers can focus directly on spots requiring immediate attention, while also planning future repairs more effectively, saving time and resources.

Given the aging infrastructure and the consequences of system failures—such as electrical issues causing wildfires, pipeline leaks, transport delays, and more—this capability extends beyond merely obtaining frequent and enhanced information. It's about mitigating disasters that can endanger lives, disrupt services, escalate expenses, and simultaneously enhancing community services and accessibility to goods.

The Aerieport: Drone nesting station for extreme weather conditions

Want to know more about the Aerieport?

Although, the Aerieport is loaded with state-of-the-art features and functionalities, but if you still want to know more about the Aerieport’s compatibility with your custom requirements, feel free to reach out to us at +44 1243 370 296 or drop us an email at and our experts at iRed will help you with their guidance.

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