Enterprise Support

Business support, training and packages for commercial drone operators.


iRed’s specialist knowledge and expertise provides customers with a dedicated system for help and advice. Our high-quality service means we work with customers across a range of industries, who continue to return to iRed for support, guidance, and solutions.

Our team utilise the equipment we provide within our operations and training divisions. This gives us an insight into our products, based on our own experience in using them for a variety of applications. 


As a CAA Approved NQE, iRed is proud to provide a wide range of industry focused training courses. Our expert instructors deliver courses accredited to national standards, with training centres in Hampshire and Lancashire.

iRed offers training tailored for commercial applications, ideal for new and existing operators. This includes courses in thermal imaging, multispectral, photogrammetry, and search and rescue.

Drone Servicing

Annual servicing for commercial drone platforms, ideal for systems that have been flown for 50+ hours.

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  • Replace Propellors

  • Firmware Check & Update

  • Check All Screws

  • Check Obstacle Avoidance Systems

  • Calibrate Camera Gimbals

  • Calibrate Remote Controller

  • Check Battery Cell Voltages

  • Flight Test

  • Clean Exterior of Aircraft

  • Clean & Calibrate Vision System

  • Clean Interior of Aircraft
    (Battery Compartments and Vented Areas)

  • Clean Remote Controller
    (Ports, Sticks, Screen, Battery Area)

  • Replace ESC’s (If Necessary)*

  • Replace Gimbal Dampers*

  • Replace Small Parts*

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