Today, DJI have announced the next iteration of the Mavic 2 series, further bolstering their range of smaller enterprise drones. Dubbed the Mavic 2 Enteprise DUAL, this new version features both a visual and thermal camera, side-by-side, replacing the zoom camera found on the Enterprise version. This new payload is targeted towards Search & Rescue (SAR) and emergency services, looking for a compact platform that boasts features normally found on the larger and more expensive UAVs.

The Mavic 2 ED, still maintains the features found on the enterprise model, alongside advanced controls for the dual payload. The thermal camera is mounted on a three-axis gimbal and has a resolution of 160×120 (based on the FLIR Lepton core). The visual camera has a resolution of 4K and can be combined with the thermal to increase the resolution digitally, using FLIR’s proprietary edge detection algorithms called MSX, to produce a detailed hybrid image. This is ideal for detecting anomalous heat sources at day or night, which can then be investigated further.

Various thermal analysis controls are also provided through the DJI Pilot App including:

  • Spot Meter: which displays the average temperature of an object, whilst maintaining a safe distance.
  • Area Measurement: this function will create an area box on screen that will display the average, lowest and highest temperature, including location of the hottest or coldest point, enabling rapid identification and fault finding.
  • Isotherms: This is a common feature found in thermal imaging cameras, which enables the operator to define a temperature level, where anything that falls above or below this point, will be highlighted in a different colour – for SAR this would be 30-40°C.

The Mavic 2 Enterprise will be available from the end of December 2018 priced at £2669 (inc VAT). As the UK’s leading thermal imaging solutions provider and training organisation, iRed will be providing both demos and training events throughout the new year.

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