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Viewpro Z25K Gimbal Camera

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The Viewpro Z25K (Z40K) is a highly optimised 3-Axis gimbal with a 40x zoom and 4K UHD Sensor.

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The Viewpro Z25K Gimbal Camera has been designed with object tracking.  The Z25K is a high precision and professional 3- axis gimbal camera. The gimbal is light weight, small in size and highly stable. The Z25K also has a low power consumption. The gimbal features the FOC technology which adopts a high precision encoder in each motor. The gimbal also features Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). Moreover, the advanced OIS function can compensate the subtle movements of the UAV. This is to keep the camera stable even under 25 times optical zoom.

The speed of Z25K gimbal is adjustable. For instance, the low speed mode for tele end means the control will be more accurate. Whereas, the fast mode for wide end, makes the gimbal control sensitive and quick. The one-key to centre function will allow the gimbal return to initial position both automatically and rapidly.

The Viewpro Z25K holds a tracking speed of up to 32pixel/frame. Additionally, the Viewpro Z25K holds an object size range from 16*16 pixel to 160*160 pixel and minimal signal to noise ratio (SNR) 4dB.

The gimbal is able to rotate 360°. Moreover, the Z25K camera features 25.90 mega effective pixels. It is compatible with Matrice 200, 210 and 210 RTK and works in the DJI pilot app. Lastly, the camera features camera object tracking.

Due to the professional features the highly advanced Viewpro Z25K has been designed with, it is extremely useful in industries such as:

Firefighting, Police and Law Enforcement, Power Tower and Pipeline Inspection and Search and Rescue.


Working voltage: 12V

Imager Sensor: Panasonic 1/2.3inch CMOS

Picture quality: Full HD 1080 (1920*1080)

Effective pixel: 25.9MP

Lens zoom: Optical zoom: 20x iA zoom:25x(4k)/40x(FHD)

Optical Image Stabilisation: 5 Axis

Net Weight: 630g

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