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Viewpro Z18F Gimbal Camera

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The Z18F is a highly optimised 3- axis Gimbal Camera which has pinpoint precise motor rotation and a control accuracy of ±0.02° powered by a dedicated processor.

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The Viewpro Z18F is a highly optimised 3-axis gimbal camera. It has been designed with pinpoint precises motor rotation and a control accuracy of  ±0.02° powered by a dedicated processor.

To encourage creating a smooth video, the Viewpro Z18F Gimbal Camera uses four damping balls and a lightweight damping board which eliminates vibrations.

The gimbal is capable of a 300° rotation and the wires are designed to be concealed to ensure a more stable data transmission.  The Viewpro Z18F is also designed with an 18x zoom camera, 4 mega effective pixels and an HD 1080P video recording. Images can still be clearly displayed in poor light environments due to the gimbal being powered by the 1/3 SENSOR CMOS module, with colour 0.05@F1.6 ultra-low illumination and having a wide dynamic range of 105dB. Moreover, the Viewpro Z18F Gimbal Camera is designed for UAV aerial photography, according to aerial characteristics, using fast focus algorithms and a focus time of <1s.

Due to the professional features the highly advanced Viewpro Z18F gimbal camera has been designed with, it is extremely useful in industries such as:

Firefighting, Police and Law Enforcement, Power Tower and Pipeline Inspection and Search and Rescue. The Viewpro Z18F can help to provide a quick solution to multiple emergency situations.


Working voltage: 12V

Imager Sensor: 1/3 type Sensor CMOS

Picture quality: Full HD 1080 (1920*1080)

Effective pixel: 4MP

Lens optical zoom: 18x, F=4.7 ~ 84.6mm

Min Object Distance: 1.5m

Shutter Speed: Auto

Object Size range: 16*16 pixel~160*160 pixel

Net Weight: 695g

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