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Sentera AGX710 Sensor


Sentera’s high precision AGX710 sensor integrates into DJI’s industry-leading Matrice 200 Series industrial drones. The AGX710 sensor provides you with exceptional crop health insights.

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Sentera and DJI collaborated to develop the AGX710 gimbaled precision agriculture sensor and Payload SDK in parallel, optimising both for the benefit of the agriculture industry.  It allows you to quickly capture crop data and develop high-precision spectral index measurements and run deep learning algorithms.

Since the AGX710 is powered by DJI SKYPORT, you can get real-time and live-streaming RGB and NDVI measurements that deliver crop health data to support current workflows.

The AGX710 easily attaches to a DJI M200 or M210 using plug-and-play technology, allowing you to quickly capture crop data and develop high-precision spectral index measurements and run deep learning algorithms.

AGX710 data is fully compatible with Sentera FieldAgent analytics tools, reporting, and API integrations.

Main Features:

  • Highly precise imagery due to the full-gimbaled sensor which allows for nadir data capture.
  • With LiveNDVI, the sensor is capable of Live-stream RGB and NDVI video.
  • Variant allows for simultaneous collection of 12MP NDVI or NDRE and high-resolution RGB data.
  • Sentera’s Lock-and-Go technology.
  • Seamlessly integrates with FieldAgent platforms.
  • Imagery is compatible with analytics such as stand & emergence, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, and disease detection.


  • RGB & NDVI
  • 5-band Multispectral
  • Analytics (Wide NDVI, Narrow RGB)

Additional information

Sensor Type

Dual RGB+NDVI, Dual NDVI+NDRE, 5-band Multispectral, Analytics (Wide NDVI, Narrow RGB)

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