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Parrot Sequoia Plus

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The Parrot Sequoia is a multispectral camera specifically designed to be compatable with all types of UAVs/Drones. This multispectral drone camera offers a comprehensive solution to precision agriculture, utilising it’s two sensors – multispectral and sunshine – to analyse plant vitality by capturing the amount of light they absorb and reflect. This data can then be used to to provide invaluable information to farmers, so they can do what’s best for their fields.

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Optimise your agricultural yield and make savings.

The Parrot Sequoia solution is a real decision-making aid. By providing information on plants’ health, the Sequoia enables farmers to take action at the micro-plot level. Optimising the use of fertiliser by varying the quantities according to need, reducing the use of pesticide to only the plots which require it and analysing plant behaviour after irrigation are all benefits obtained via the Parrot Sequoia sensor. Control your production costs better and optimise your yield.

Capture precisely through advanced technology.

The Sequoia solution features two sensors. The multispectral sensor facing the plants captures the light that they reflect in four separate parts: green and red lights and two infrared bands invisible to the human eye. Placed on the drone, the sunshine sensor records the intensity of light emanating from the sun in these four same bands of light. Advanced agriculture technology at your fingertips.

Choose a solution compatible with all drones.

With its mini-camera format and light weight, the Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor adapts to all drones, both multi-rotor and flying wing. Whether on a computer, smartphone or tablet, its Wi-Fi and USB connections make its data accessible on all devices. The Sequoia can be integrated anywhere, whatever your equipment.

Make the most of a fully autonomous sensor.

The Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor incorporates GPS which greatly increases the accuracy of data collected without needing recordings by the transport platform: plane, drone, tractor etc. Its range of internal components keeps it permanently informed of altitude, flight speed and position. It thereby adapts its capture speed accordingly. Mapping a surface has never been easier.

Tech Specs

16 Mpix Rolling Shutter RGB Camera
Definition: 4608×3456 pixels
HFOV: 63.9
VFOV: 50.1
DFOV: 73.5

4 1.2 Mpix Global shutter single-band cameras
Definition: 1280×960 pixels
HFOV: 70.6
VFOV: 52.6
DFOV: 89.6

4 separate bands
Green (550 BP 40)
Red (660 BP 40)
Red Edge (735 BP 10)
Near infrared (790 BP 40)

1 FPS with 4 bands + RGB camera/up to 2 FPS with 4 bands only
Auto-calibrated thanks to a sunshine sensor
Wi-Fi configuration (iOS/Android application)
USB communication for drone or computer (open sdk)
IMU + magnetometer
eMMC 64 GB
SD card slot

Weight and Dimensions

Multispectral sensor :
59 x 41 x 28
Weight: 72g / 2.5 oz

Sunshine sensor :
47 x 39.6 x 18.5
Weight: 36 g / 1.3 oz

What’s Included?

The Parrot Sequoia package includes:

1 Multispectral sensor
1 Sunshine sensor
1 Micro USBa-micro USBb cable to connect the two sensors
1 Micro USBb-USB cable to connect the multispectral sensor to the drone
1 Protection lens
1 Microfibre cloth
3 Sunshine sensor mounts
1 32 GB SD card
1 User guide
1 Quickstart guide

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