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ParaZero SafeAir Mavic

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ParaZero addresses the industry’s most difficult challenge by offering a smart and intuitive solution designed to be the world’s best autonomous drone safety system. The System reduces risk to people, property, drone and payload. ParaZero’s drone safety system is an end-to-end solution that is designed for DJI’s Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 series.

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The lightweight system independently monitors key flight parameters in real-time and identifies critical failures. When a critical failure is identified, the systems deploys autonomously and activates:

  • A mechanical flight termination
    system that stops the rotors to avoid
    entanglement and reduce laceration
  • A parachute deployment mechanism
    that launches the parachute in a
    fraction of a second, reduces the
    descent rate and is designed to
    enable safe flight over people even at
    low altitudes.
  • An Audio buzzer to warn bystanders to
    move out of harm’s way (optional).

Solution Benefits

Autonomous Triggering –
The autonomous system identifies loss of control and decides
on the recovery.
Low Altitude Capabilities –
The combination of autonomous triggering capabilities along
with SafeAir’s high performance parachute
launcher enable safe emergency recovery
even at very low altitudes.
Mechanical Flight Termination System –
The system stops the rotors, preventing parachute
entanglement and mitigates the risk of
laceration injuries.
Black Box –
Collected data is stored and can
be used for post deployment analysis.
Easy to repack and reuse by the user
Lightweight, sleek and smart design
Reduced insurance costs

Total weight : 160 grams

Altitude loss to full deployment : 8 meters
Average descent rate : 3.7 meters per seconds
Approx. impact energy : 7.3 J

Compatible with DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic 2 series (excluding Enterprise add-ons)