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ParaZero SafeAir M-200

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Parazero’s SafeAirTM is the only proven UAV recovery system reliable and effective in any emergency situation. Combining the autonomous SmartAirTM capabilities to identify loss of control and decide on recovery, with the patented active parachute deployment, prevents crash at any situation. The patented activation enables unmatched effectiveness at low altitude.

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  • SafeAirTM includes SmartAirTM autonomous emergency computer.
  • The design enables installation with different antenna configurations including D-RTK model.
  • User-friendly first installation in 15 minutes.
  • A lightweight system allows flexibility for payload and longer flight times.
  • Automatically activated during emergencies or freefall. Can be manually activated using the existing or separate remote.
  • Combination of independent sensors, smart computer, and highly effective parachute that prevent loss of control.
  • Includes mounting and necessary installation components.
  • Authorized as safe to transport on commercial flights. Safety pin prevents unintended arming or activation. No risk of uncontrolled activation during handling, maintenance, and transportation.

Q. Can I now fly over people?
A. No matter how safe your aircraft is, we never advise users to fly over people, but if regulation permits flying over people, SafeAir will greatly reduce the risk involved.

Q. How should I store my SafeAir when not using it?
A. In a dark and dry place. Ideal storage temperature for longest shelf life is between 10-27 degrees Celsius. Operating Temperatures
between -25 Celsius up to 55 Celsius.
DO NOT store in a closed car in high temperatures.

Q. During parachute deployment, how are the rotors stopped?
A. SmartAir system is using a Flight Termination System (FTS), that will cut off the drone’s engines when needed.

Q. Is there any indication that the system is ready to go before take-off?
A. Our systems have built-in self-check mechanism that alerts the user in case of malfunction prior to take-off.

Q. Can I install the kit myself?
A. Yes, you can mount it yourself. The product comes with detailed instructions as well as online videos.

Q. Does the parachute system require power?
A. It is powered by the drone’s battery and has a very low energy draw. The system automatically deploys if the power is lost. There is also an optional backup battery that keeps the SmartAir alive after the power went off.

Q. Can ParaZero SafeAir systems be Re-Packed After Deployment?
A. SafeAir parachute system is a failsafe system, such as an Airbag in a car, this system was designed to work in any condition and to protect your platform and 3rd party’s, after the system is deployed you will need to purchase a new system or send it back to ParaZero for repacking if the kit is undamaged.

Q. Will a SafeAir System Bring My Aircraft Down Without Damage?
A. Our tests showed that the Orientation of the falling craft influences the result and can result in minor damage such as bending of the air frame or breaking a propeller for example. The SafeAir recovery system is designed to greatly diminish the impact energy of your aircraft, reducing the damage and risk.

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