||iRed Batch Image Editor BETA

iRed Batch Image Editor BETA


The iRed Batch Image Editor is an application designed and built by iRed to enable users to mass process radiometric thermal images taken by FLIR and DJI thermal imaging cameras. When a directory of images has been loaded into the program, you can edit image properties (emissivity, Tref, distance etc), alongside the span and palette, resulting in rapid processing of thermal images. Currently this application has been tested with datasets of up to 900 images.

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Product Description

Please note, this is currently in BETA and may contain bugs, incompatibilities and errors. iRed cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or damage to your system.


The iRed batch image editor (iBIE) utilises the FLIR SDK to enable batch processing of thermal images (in RJPEG format), captured by the DJI XT/XT2 and FLIR thermal imaging cameras. Currently this application is in beta and may contain missing features, bugs and is not guaranteed to work on all platforms. Designed and tested on Windows 10 PCs.

To report bugs and make feature requests, please email support@ired.co.uk.

This application is an iRed side project currently available free of charge during beta period.

Current version: 0.2.4

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