Gremsy S1 Gimbal

||Gremsy S1 Gimbal

Gremsy S1 Gimbal

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Gremsy S1 is the world’s first ever small gimbal with onboard HDMI and SMA ports with full support for Flir Duo Pro R and as well as wide range of other cameras.

Developed from our Gremsy T1 technology with a larger camera cage, the S1 is plug and play with various platforms to provide high precision pointing accuracy for every industrial need.

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FLIR Duo pro R
FLIR Duo pro
FLIR Vue pro R
FLIR Vue pro
Wiris mini
TeAx Fusion
TeAx Fusion Zoom
Keii HL2-640
MicaSense RedEdge
MicaSense RedEdge M
Sony DSC-QX10
Sony DSC-QX30
Sony A5xxx Series
Sony A6xxx Series
Sony RX100 Series
Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera

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