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The FLIR T660 Thermal Imaging Camera brings laboratory level sensitivity and accuracy to handheld thermal imaging. With an astonishing 0.02 °C sensitivity, even the most subtle temperature variations are detected and imaged. Accuracy of the T660 is a rarely seen 1%, giving a level of precision that users can count on. Measurement and imaging can span temperatures from -40 to 2000 °C (-40 to 3632 °F), the widest of any FLIR camera.

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Product Description

The thermal imaging resolution of the FLIR T660 sits at the top of the FLIR lineup at 640 x 480, for a total of 307,200 pixels. This excellent resolution is consistant with the T-Series range of infrared cameras, yet with an even better picture thanks to the 20mK sensitivity. Further improving the T660 image is the addition of FLIR UltraMax imaging capability. UltraMax is a kind of digital super-resolution that combines the data from a quick series of images into a single image. The T660 captures 16 images together in less than a half second. The natural movement of the human body results in these being slightly offset, with slightly different data points. As these images are later stitched into one in the included PC software, the resulting UltraMax image benefits from more real imaging points and decreased image noise. UltraMax effectively doubles resolution and quadruples total pixels, making the FLIR T660 capable of producing 1280 x 960 images—true megapixel thermal imaging.

When conditions are bright or reflections are distracting, the FLIR T660 thermal imaging camera offers an integrated viewfinder. Users can also monitor and control the camera from a distance using the built in WiFi capabilities – free apps are available for both Apple and Android devices that can capture images, record video, and even control the focus of the camera. When recording video directly to the camera, the T660 infrared camera goes a step beyond typical thermal video, recording full radiometric data for later frame-by-frame and point-by-point analysis. And forever solving the problem of where an image was taken, the FLIR T660 includes GPS data and compass direction with each image.

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Tech Specs

IR resolution: 640 × 480 pixels
UltraMax: Yes
Thermal sensitivity/NETD: Less than 20 mK @ +30°C (+86°F)
Field of view (FOV): 25° × 19°
Minimum focus distance: 0.25 m (0.82 ft.)
Focal length: 25 mm
Spatial resolution (IFOV): 0.68 mrad
Image frequency: 30 Hz
Focus: Continuous, Automatic (one shot) or manual
Digital zoom: 2×, 4× and 8×
Focal plane array (FPA): Uncooled microbolometer Spectral range 7.5–14 μm
Detector Pitch: 17μm