The FLIR T460 thermal imaging camera is the best infrared camera in the T400 range, incorporating MSX technology to provide additional visual detail and definition to any thermal image it produces. The FLIR T460 can also boast:

  • Resolution of 320 x 240 (76,800)
  • Thermal sensitivity of 30mk
  • Accuracy of +/- 1°C
  • Temperature range of -20°C to 1,500°C
  • Focus options of manual and automatic
  • 8x Digital zoom
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  • No-deposit finance available
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Product Description

The professional-grade FLIR T460 thermal imaging camera features laboratory accuracy and sensitivity in a portable design, ideal for those with a demanding workload.

A particularly noteworthy feature of the FLIR T460 is its ability to record radiometric video directly to the SD card. Radiometric video is stored with full temperature data and can be analyzed later point-by-point for temperature change over time. Another standout is the compass function, which adds a cardinal direction annotation to each stored image, helping locate which target was in view. The FLIR T460 infrared camera also includes Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity for flexibility in viewing, annotating, and transferring images.

The FLIR T460 thermal imaging camera also includes the popular autofocus function, allowing users to bring targets into focus quickly when time is of the essence.


Additional Information


Tech Specs

IR resolution: 320 × 240 pixels
UltraMax: Yes
Thermal sensitivity/NETD: Less than 30 mK @ +30°C (+86°F)
Field of view (FOV): 25° × 19°
Minimum focus distance: 0.4 m (1.31 ft.)
Focal length: 18 mm (0.7 in.)
Spatial resolution (IFOV): 1.36 mrad
Image frequency: 60 Hz
Focus: Automatic (one shot) or manual
Digital zoom: 2×, 4× and 8×
Focal plane array (FPA): Uncooled microbolometer Spectral range 7.5–13 μm