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The Zenmuse Z30 is the most powerful integrated aerial zoom camera on the market with 30x optical and 6x digital zoom for a total magnification up to 180x.

The powerful and professional UAV payload provides a new level of detail for your inspections

SKU: DJI-Z30 Category: Industry: Inspection, Surveying & Mapping, Public Safety


Designed to seamlessly integrate with DJI’s Matrice range, the Zenmuse Z30 works right out of the box and gives access to the intelligent features DJI is known for.

As a result of letting you conduct inspections from a distance without the need to fly close, not only is speed and efficiency of your operations increased but risk of collision is obviated.A high-powered zoom means that any movement in the system is magnified, so stability is of utmost importance.

The Z30 incorporates DJI’s leading gimbal technology for stabilisation within 0.01° and the same precision for controls.

The Zenmuse Z30 automatically adjusts its focal length to give you an enlarged view, making the most minute of details visible in just seconds.

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