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DJI Matrice M200

Built to endure, engineered to adapt. The DJI Matrice 200 from the new M200 series is the ultimate aerial tool, built for industrial inspections and public safety operations.The DJI M200 is compatable with all DJI cameras, and is capable of utilising a single downward gimbal for the visual and thermal inspection of hard-to-reach areas.

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Product Description

Commercial Applications

When paired with the DJI Zenmuse XT, the applications of the DJI M200 are limitless. Some of these applications include:

  • Power Line Inspection – With improved reliability and precisions, inspectors are empowered to visualize extensive powerline networks with unparalleled detail despite adverse conditions.
  • Search & Rescue – Equipped with both an aerial zoom and thermal camera, first responders can now quickly locate missing people in remote areas and plan the safest approach path.
  • Wind Turbine Inspection – With improved flight stability in windy conditions and a top-mounted gimbal, turbine inspectors can spot millimeter-sized damage along all parts of a turbine’s propellers.
  • Bridge Inspection – With a top-mounted gimbal pilots can fully inspect bridges, allowing teams to adequately plan maintenance schedules for improved public safety and minimized costs.
  • Solar Panel Inspections – Inspect photovoltaic sites with visual and thermal imagery to detect faults such as string errors and damaged or faulty cells.
  • Offshore Rig Inspections – View inspections of offshore assets remotely to ensure site safety whilst looking for gas-leaks or structural damage.
  • Firefighting – Get a complete view of a dangerous situation with visual and thermal cameras.

When coupled with just a visual camera or a third party sensor such as the Parrot Sequoia, pilots will be able to undertake:

  • Precision Agriculture – Monitor and manage crops using multispectral imagery.
  • Telecom Inspections – Rapidly detect millimeter-sized damages while conducting routine inspections.
  • Construction Site Mapping – Quickly obtain data to generate accurate 3D maps for progress tracking.

Powerful Controls

The DJI M200 features powerful, commercially focused functions including:

  • App Compatibility – Conveniently control and customize your M200 Series drone with DJI GO 4 or DJI Pilot, an Android app built for enterprise users. Flight planning can be done using DJI GS Pro.
  • Transmission – The M200 series uses DJI’s top of the line Lightbridge transmission system, enabling low-latency controls and live feeds from the aircraft.
  • DJI Airsense – With a built-in ADS-B receiver, the M200 Series enhances airspace safety by automatically providing the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft.
  • Reliable Power – Pilots can fly the slim TB50 batteries for improved portability or the larger TB55 batteries to properly support a dual gimbal configuration and increase flight times.
Features Matrice 200 Matrice 210 Matrice 210 RTK
FPV Camera
DJI Airsense
Dual-Battery System
Universal Ports
DJI CrystalSky
Multiple Payload Configurations
Built-in RTK*

*The RTK is a ground-based GPS system for highly accurate location data (1-5cm), as opposed to standard GPS which usually relies on the barometer (10-20cm accuracy).

DJI Matrice M200 V2.0 Aircraft body x 1
DJI Standard Remote Controller x 1
Landing Gear x 2
TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery x 2
IN2CH Charging Hub x 1
Propeller Pair x 4
UK Power Cable + 180w PSU x 1
USB Cable (with Double A Ports) x 1
Micro SD Card (16GB) x 1
Carrying Case x 1
Gimbal Damper x 3
Propeller Mounting Plate Pack x 1
Vision System Calibration Plate x 1
Battery Insulation Sticker x 4
Screw + Tool Package x 1

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