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Gremsy CanLink

£176.00 ex. VAT

The CanLink features a can bus adapter coupled with a slip ring, allowing Gremsy gimbal controllers to communicate with popular DJI flight controllers including the Naza, Wookong, A2 and A3 to correct horizon drift.

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Product Description

DJI Canbus cable: 50cm
Slip Ring: 24.5cm
Gremsy Canbus cable: 21cm
JST XH 10 pins cable: 20cm
Power Supply: 5VDC
Dimensions (L x W x H): 115mm x 82mm x 22mm
Weight: 66g

In The Box

1x Slipring
1x CanLink Inside Board
1x CanLink Outside Board
1x DJI Canbus Cable
1x Gremsy Canbus Cable
2x JST XH 10 pins Cable