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If you think of a drone, chances are it’s a DJI device that you picture. DJI are renowned as the largest and most prominent manufacturer of UAVs in the world, with the ‘Phantom’ shape being synonymous with the word ‘drone’ on many signs and images across the globe and in the media.

As commercial industries, agriculture, emergency services and such like, all realise the benefit of aerial imaging in its various forms, from site overviews and 3D topographical mapping using RTK systems, through to live thermal feeds to fire crews, DJI have naturally been embracing this
rapidly growing market and increasing the range of specialty products it offers.

The Enterprise range encompasses the industrial range of DJI products, such as the WIND, Matrice M200 Series and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for heavy lift drones or a dual camera set-ups combining thermal imagery with normal imaging for crime prevention and fire fighting, the Enterprise range will have a solution for you. Need a small drone to get some extra light onto a subject? The Mavic 2 Enterprise is the one. Need to inspect wind turbines in less than ideal conditions, the M210 will be the answer. In agriculture, it goes beyond just monitoring plant health as DJI are even currently researching future options to enable crop spraying by drone with their AGRAS MG-1S.

Whatever your professional, commercial, industrial or agricultural aerial needs, chances are there’s a DJI Enterprise solution to suit.

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