Accountable for over 70% of the drone market, DJI is the World’s leader in the commercial and civilian drone industry. DJI, in which is named after the Chinese phrase “great ambitions have no boundaries”, was founded by Frank Wang in 2006 and has contributed to redefining multiple industries. Filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, public safety, infrastructure and the government are all examples of industries that have utilised the durable and versatile models that DJI have dynamically designed with their advanced technology.

DJI, masters of aerial photography and videography, design and supply a huge range of products including; UAV, drone, camera gimbals, flight platforms, cameras, propulsion systems, camera stabilisers and flight control systems. Covering such a range ensures consumers are fully equipped for all their needs. Through their high-tech and complex mechanical designs, the DJI drones provide the greatest quality for all functions; supporting the ethos that the company work by ‘form follows function’.

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