Thermal Imaging Camera Hire & Drone Hire

Hire the latest in thermal imaging and drone technology for commercial operations.

Quick, professional hire for thermal imaging cameras and drone equipment.

DJI Matrice M210 Drone

Drone Hire

Hiring a drone is much simpler than purchasing the latest equipment every year. We’ve got multiple systems including the DJI Inspire and DJI M210 available, as well as a range of visual and thermal cameras.

Prices starting from £35 per day*

*Excluding VAT. Based on a five day hire of a DJI Mavic Pro.

Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

We have a wide range of high resolution thermal imaging cameras available for commercial hire. Our range includes the FLIR E60, T620, P620 and T1020 infrared cameras.

Prices starting from £45 per day*

*Excluding VAT. Based on a 5 day hire of a FLIR E60.

Why Hire?

Hire an Engineer

If you’re hiring a drone or thermal imaging camera, why not hire a qualified engineer as well? 

Our engineers are available for data collection, meaning they turn up with the requested equipment and survey either on your behalf or under your guidance. The captured data is then immediately handed over to you at the end, and the equipment comes back with the engineer.

This means that you can use our insurances, qualifications and experience to get the job done – making it the perfect solution for white labelling jobs.

Hire Options

1 Day Hire

Ideal for small jobs, our one day hire lets you receive a camera or drone by 10am the day after you order.

3 Day Hire

For larger jobs, our three day hire enables you to hire a range of equipment at a much more cost-effective rate.

1 Week Hire +

Interested in long-term hire? Speak to a member of staff today to get the best rate for your requirements.

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Hiring FAQ

Hiring equipment from iRed couldn’t be simpler – just tell us the product you want to hire, the dates you want it and then we’ll provide you with a competitive rate, including delivery and return collection. Once the documents are signed and insurances verified, we’ll ship the item to you for your first day of hire

No qualifications are required to use our handheld cameras, however we do request a copy of your PfCO certificate if you are hiring a UAV system.

We don’t provide additional insurance with our product hire, as if you have an existing policy, then it more than likely covers hired-in equipment to a certain value. This means we can save you more, whilst you still have peace of mind knowing it is fully insured. If your policy doesn’t cover the equipment hire, let us know and we can help find you a competitive rate for the hire period.

Delivery and return is included in the hire cost, unless otherwise specified.

If the equipment is damaged during use, then a claim will need to be made on your insurance. If the product is returned to us in a damaged state, then we will assess the repair costs and deduct this from the security deposit, if provided.

Yes – you will need to provide evidence of your insurance, showing that you’re covered for the hire of goods and specifies drones. Providers such as CoverDrone are able to offer this as part of an annual policy or on an ad-hoc basis.

In addition to this, you may need to consider any additional costs that could be incurred if we’re unable to hire out equipment as a result of damage caused.

As long as equipment has been ordered and confirmed before 1pm, we’ll have the equipment delivered to your location at 10am the following day.